I was so sure it was too warm…and look what I woke up to!  It surprised me when I received a call this morning at 5 a.m. from the school district letting me know school was closed…and then I looked out.  The weatherman, who usually warns us for days in advance, missed this one.  All I had heard was a dusting in the lowlands.    Thanks to Dennis and Patrica for updates on their areas (yesterday’s post).  And a special thanks to a wonderful neighbor, who once again, plowed the snow away from my mailbox.  One more reason I love my neighborhood… neighbors who care about each other.

7 thoughts on “Opps!”

  1. Yes, we were really blindsided on this one! We always listen to the weather report (we like Walter Kelly and MJ McDermott on Fox 13) and they did not give us any warnings. Hopefully the sun will be out tomorrow and start melting some of this?

  2. Fortunately, again, I do not have to go out and I have a son who can do any shoveling and who also has a 4-wheel drive if I do need to get out. Meanwhile, the kids in the area are having fun.

  3. That is an impressive “Oops” Norma! We may have gotten a quarter of that in PT, just thirty miles away. Great photo of the scene.

  4. That’s a lot of snow to wake up to. My son, in Salem, Ore. said they had lots of snow yesterday too.
    Nothing but blue skies here today but chilly.
    Nice neighbors you have.

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