Bird and buds


On the way home, I stopped to stretch my legs at Wildbirds, located maybe 15 miles east of Sequim.  I took this picture of a bird in the bare trees.  It was only when I got home I noticed the buds on the tree.  Could it be?  Soon?  I am so ready.  The thumbnail shows his/her backside.  Any ideas on the type of bird?


3 thoughts on “Bird and buds”

  1. It appears to be a Robin-like bird, the Varied Thrush. They spend their winters mainly on the west coast. They breed in Alaska in the summer. I’m not an expert, but the silhouette resembled the Robin/Thrush family, so looked it up in my book. I am so glad you posted this picture. I live in Michigan and most likely will never see this bird in my area.

  2. I just looked in my little bird book, bought at Wild Birds! You are right, it is a Varied Thrush. I have some of these in my yard. They are a really splash of color! The buds on the trees are exciting, my Tulips are really coming up! Almost SPRING!

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