This is a great use of small pieces of  driftwood and is located outside Olympic Restaurant Supply (the last three days of posts).  I think it is pretty cool.   The birds ought to love it too!

I will be taking a break from posting until Monday.  I’m off to see the Docs in Seattle today.   It’s check up time for the arm and I am not expecting great news.  One of the nerve grafts just doesn’t seem to have taken….but I have a new plan.  We will see what they think about it. Then it is the Garden Show and visiting family.   Have a great weekend!

7 thoughts on “Birdhouse”

  1. Norma, this is a beautiful porch sculpture!
    Hey, sorry I won’t get to meet your while you are down here this weekend. I’m hoping you get better news than expected and that you have lots of fun at the garden show. I was invited to a press conference for that, but can’t go. . .busy with school work, and off this week and clearing my husbands and mother’s things from the garage while I have a solid block of time to do it.
    You take good care, and I’ll hope to get up your way before long and take you out for coffee 🙂

    Seattle Daily Photo

  2. Sorry you are still experiencing pain in that shoulder. Hope your new plan will work. Enjoy your weekend and the garden show. that sounds like fun and be sure to take lots of pictures.

  3. Sorry your shoulder isn’t mending as everyone would like. I hope “Plan B” is a good one and doesn’t require too much doctoring. Good luck!!

    Thank you for the Olympic Restaurant Supply photos. We were in Sequim last weekend and missed stopping by during their business hours (a big disappointment!). I’m happy to at least see what we missed. I hope to visit in person oneday soon.

  4. Where in the world have I been? I have to get a cat or dog. No wonder I have not been getting all those neat gifts. Duh!!

  5. Good luck with your doctor visit Norma. Sorry to hear that the arm is still giving you trouble.
    Take lots of photos at the Garden Show…from the news it sounds like this is the last year. Seattle is a long way from Sequim for us and the price was steep…hope you have a good discount coupon!

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