More workers


Monday as I drove home, there was more activity at the new Olympic Restaurant Supply company.  It looked to me as though Rainbow Sweepers were working on the parking lot, and Dungeness Valley Landscaping was adding plants and bark dust.    Remember the Mervyn commercial?  “Open, open, open!”

One thought on “More workers”

  1. Thank you so much for your pictures and comments on my building! I couldnt be happier about the incredible suport we have received from the community! The construction has been a very long, tedious process and I am happy to report that we are just about done. Our final inspection from the county is schedualed for tomorrow (Thursday) so wish us luck. If all goes well at the inspection, we hope to be moving into the showroom portion of the store this weekend. With a little luck, and providing our backs hold up during the move, we will re-open at the new location sometime early next week. (shooting for Tuesday or Wed at the very latest)
    It will be a very cool store!
    The new location will be quite different from the last location. Although restaurants and food related businesses are our primary market, the new store will be much more “user friendly” for our residential customers and will have a much larger selction of items, kitchen gadgets, utensils, small appliances, cookware etc. for anyone and everyone that cooks on any level. Lots of people are unaware that we are open to the public and welcome residential customers. To make it easier for those who work full time to stop by, we will also now be open on Saturdays from 10am-3pm.
    I am quite proud of the building and thank you for your support and kind comments! We look forward to seeing everyone at the new store very soon!
    Wishing everyone a happy, healthy new year!
    Eric, owner
    Olympic Restaurant Equipment Inc.

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