Sign is up!

sign.jpg Previously I’ve shown pictures of the progress on the new building for Olympic Restaurant Equipment on the corner of Dryke and 101.  As I drove by Sunday, I noticed the sign was up.  That doesn’t mean it wasn’t there before…I just noticed it Sunday.   it is truly a lovely building.  Not that I need any restaurant equipment, but I am looking forward to their opening and taking a look inside.


One thought on “Sign is up!”

  1. I am interested also! I love a lot of the little things that restaurants have (and collect some of them) the tiny little pitchers that the cream comes in! The nice large pots that hold the hot water (or cold). Buffalo & Shenango China. I guess many things are outmoded now…we get the cream in the little disposable cups. My guess is that this place would be a great place to buy a set of plain dishes, possibly at a bargain over department stores (and they would be sturdier)

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