Late arrival

dollhouse.jpgBaby girl and my big boy are in California visiting with their other grandparents.  With all the snow we had, Santa had a hard time making all the rounds.  This late arrival came yesterday, via UPS.  Without the elves, it was tough, but I managed to get it put together.  (amazing what happens when they send good directions)  I will be delivering it to her home today as they will be back in town on the 2nd.  I’ll set the tippy top in place there and add the last set of screws.

6 thoughts on “Late arrival”

  1. Tracking still has my package to my daughter sitting in the shipping center after being scanned on Dec.23. They had a dozen packages that did not arrive before Christmas, including some that had things that were supposed to be wrapped and sent elsewhere. Crazy year!

  2. That is very cool, I bet one little girl is going to be very happy when she gets home!One of hubby’s packages was delayed too. I sent it to his parents house because that’s where we’d be and it was supposed to arrive on the 23rd, but they couldn’t deliver due to the roads (and we drove them and they were crazy so I don’t blame them). And on the 27th as we were leaving his parents house we saw the Fed Ex truck stopped at a store so we turned around and pulled up along side her and they had his package. It was great timing!

  3. Sounds to me like you were the great Elf putting this together for Santa and then delivering it to Baby Girl’s. Lots of love to you sister and Happy New Year!

  4. They are missing the A out of Anti-spam word!! I had a package going to Long Beach Ca….it ended up going all the way to New Jersey, Houston, finally arrived back to Long Beach 1 1/2 weeks later! This was a Priority Mailing , thank goodness I had gotten a Confirmation # so I could actually see where it had gone! At least it wasn’t lost! I was frantic thinking of the time & work I put into the contents of the package!

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