Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas!  My neighbor called yesterday and wanted to know if my computer was broken.  I hadn’t posted for the last 5 days.  Actually, last Saturday the forecast was for a horrendous storm with widespread power outages.  In this area where many homes are heated with electricity, that can be a huge problem.  I had a call from three of my quilting buddies, all widows, who ask how I would like company to weather out the storm?  (I have two propane stoves.)  They arrived with flashlights, quilting projects, food that didn’t have to be cooked, cards, and a puzzle.  We had a pajama party for 4 days.  The power never went out, we got a lot of projects finished, and the last quilter left this morning.    I ventured out this morning and took this photo from my car.  We didn’t get a lot of snow, but did get freezing ice, were I’m located. With two artificial hips and an artificial knee, I don’t walk on ice well.  I have gone back and posted photos for the last five days.    I wish you the blessings of the season, and will finish with a quote from a friend, “Look for goodness in the world.”  Norma, the Lavenderlady

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