Go Wolves!

Lucky for me I have to eat and stopped by Safeway today to do some shopping.  I ran in to these polite and handsome  young men, who were     from Sequim High School, Varsity and JV wrestling teams.   There were there collecting food for our local Food Bank, which helped 700 local families with Thanksgiving Holiday Baskets.  Their goal was to collect 2200 lbs of food, the combined weight of the varsity line up, to help the food bank meet their goal of providing Christmas Holiday Baskets.   I am fairly sure my cans of pears didn’t put them over the top, but I am also very sure the good folks of Sequim helped them  and our community with this worthy endeavor.   If you are interested in catching their first home meet, you can see them on December 18th at 7:00 p.m., in the Sequim main gym.    If you happened to miss them, Henery’s Garden Center, located at 1060 Sequim Dungeness Way, is also accepting donations for the food bank during the month of December.  

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  1. Update: The team collected 2700 lbs of food. Thank you to all the folks who supported our effort. GO WOLVES!!!

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