With apologies to Andrew May

In a post last August, I moaned and groaned about the recommendation of local garden guru, Andrew May, when he suggested it was time to fertilize,   cut back, plunder, pinch back new growth, and add soil to our hanging baskets.  My baskets were beautiful.  But he was right.  These photos were taken this weekend.  I’ve never had baskets that have lasted so long in to November.  They will come down soon.  Frost is around the corner, but it has been lovely.  Thank you, Andrew.

angelwing.jpg  tree.jpg 

4 thoughts on “With apologies to Andrew May”

  1. You are absolutely correct; it must be difficult to prune this lovely plant and others that you are still enjoying. Frost has killed all of ours already, and despite a determination to try to enjoy winter this year, I dread its approach!

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