I love Sequim, but….

If you have followed my blog, you know I love my small town and everything about it.  This photo, however, illustrates one of those things that just irks me.  I just have my jack-o-lanterns out, and what did I see as I left school today…there on the corner of Spruce and 2nd was a Christmas decorated street lamp.   If I were to inquire about it, I’m sure I would hear…not enough manpower to wait until the middle of November.all the stores already have their decorations up (true enough).it is safer to do it now while the weather is still goodStill, it leaves me just a bit miffed.  I want to see the great pumpkin hanging instead.

5 thoughts on “I love Sequim, but….”

  1. Boy, I don’t like this either!!!!! I get so upset to see early holiday preparations; just too commercial. I’ll tolerate craft stores’ setting up Christmas displays now, since obviously people need to make things, but I just wish so many holidays in the US hadn’t become so commercial. That’s one thing I like about living here; no overkill for New Year’s, and there is no crass commercialism for Christmas.

  2. The Anti-word today is correct! Obsession!!! This really gets my goat also!! (sorry to the goats). I sell on E-Bay and only just now am I thinking of listing some of my Christmasy stuff. And that’s with hesitation. This happened last year also, probably the same street corner…I felt like purposely avoiding the sight of it. This year stores may be in for a huge shock, that craving for $$$$ may ring empty!

  3. Hi, Norma – I think that the only place these are up yet are on the first block of Cedar Street. I think it is because on the last day of the open-air market which is the last Saturday of October, the vendors have all their Christmas wares for sale. The city tries to help set the mood by decorating. Ellen

  4. Ellen is correct.

    The City puts them up for a special Christmas sale event the market has before it closes for the year. It is a fun weird day in October.

    The City leaves them up because it is a waste of labor to put them up, take them down and then put them up 4 weeks later.

  5. It irks me too Norma. It’s kind of symbolic (to me at least) of the general way people seem to operate now. Rush rush rush. I say slow down, enjoy the moment. I don’t want to think about Thanksgiving or Christmas right now, I want to enjoy October and Halloween and the leaves changing colors. I don’t want to be rushed into the next holiday. I’ve noticed Sequim does goofy things like that. Like the signs announcing Irrigation Festival still up long after it’s over, same with Lavender Festival. If you call them about it, they say it’s because they want tourists to know about it when they come. Or at least that is what they told me when I called.

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