Yes?  No?  If you want to know whether that mushroom you find in the Sequim area is edible, you should have been at the Sequim Prarie Grange this last weekend.    The Olympic Peninsula Mycological Society held their annual show.  It was fantastic.  Over the next couple of days, I will be posting pictures from the show.  I learned a great deal, and perhaps most important “To be edible, mushrooms must be identified with certainty.  there aren’t any general rules.  There aren’t any shortcuts.  The name of the mushroom must be known.”  Dick Sieger

mushroom2.jpg  mushroom3.jpg

3 thoughts on “Mushrooms”

  1. Wow! What an amazing collection of mushrooms! The display is awesome! I’ve never seen the ‘cauliflower’, very impressive.

  2. I never saw that type of mushroom before either.
    I do like mushrooms, but only the grocery store variety. I’m not brave enough to go out on my own.
    Thanks for all your nice comments on my blog. To answer your question…yes that was the old school house in Old Sacramento. during Gold Rush Days there was a docent teacher that had the visiting children doing lessons on their slates and she described how school was back in the 1800’s. My Granddaughter just loved being part of the living history.

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