Old Sign

When we visited Jardin du Solei last week, I spotted this sign on the back of one of the buildings.  It’s a bit hard to read, but the subtitle reads “Gold Medal Dairy Seattle”.  I don’t know the history of the sign or the dairy.  However, when I Goggled the dairy, I found this link.If I told you I was banished to the beach for micro managing the up coming party, it would only be a half truth.  The beach trip has been planned for at least 6 months.  5 of us are are our way for a quilting retreat to Pacific Beach.  I will be coming back one day early to go to Seattle to pick up one of my baby brothers who is flying in for the party.

One thought on “Old Sign”

  1. Great rusty sign. It has a lot of character to it.
    Have a great time at the quilting retreat and boy that stupendous birthday is getting closer. How fun for you.

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