Tracy Blume Is Coming!

Well, not the whole group, but  Tracy and one of her back up folks will also be playing at the birthday party in 9 days.   At this  party, we decided to have several things I love, and music is almost at the top of my list (the grandkids have the number one priority).  I’ve had the pleasure of listening to Tracy perform with a number of groups in and around Sequim.  It’s always a great evening.   Why all the hullabaloo?  50 was a close call more than once.  60 looks real good.  I think after this year I will start counting backwards.

2 thoughts on “Tracy Blume Is Coming!”

  1. You go girl! I’m a breast cancer survivor and one thing I learned through that experience: Every birthday is a blessing worthy of celebration; they certainly beat the alternative!!

  2. Yup, Norma…the best is yet to come. I have a few years on you with my Medicare birthday coming in November.
    Grandkids do help propel us through life, don’t they?

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