Red Begonias

This is a red letter month for me.  In 11 days I will celebrate a BIG birthday….60 years old.  The party will be in Pioneer Park.  If any of you are in the neighborhood, stop by.  We are having live music, food, cake and lots of fun.   I’m really looking forward to the party.  I don’t dance anymore, but you can be sure I’ll be humming along and tapping my toes.

6 thoughts on “Red Begonias”

  1. Norma, I wish that I could stop by to help you celebrate, esp. since we are both Virgos, mine is on the 11th but I’m not going to reveal my age!! Great photo of the begonias. They are wonderful flowers, aren’t they?

  2. We share a birthday, Norma…I’m just 5 years behind! I may be in Louisiana doing Disaster Relief, so I’ll send my “Best Wishes” now. Have a super day and wonderful year!

  3. I have been watching your photos of Sequim for a few years now and finally I live here to see much of what you photograph in person. Just arrived 3 mos. ago from Denver, and absolutely love it here. Hope you have a fabulous birthday.

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