Stump Grinder

stump-grinder.jpg It’s been fun to work on the yard this summer.  One day I got a wild idea and ask the gentlemen who help me with the yard to take the ivy out.  That uncovered an unsightly stump.  The older grandson gave it his best shot at hacking away, bit by bit.  Not one to admit to defeat, even he finally said “I give up”.  Enter Brett’s stump grinding.  It wasn’t long before the job was all done.  (see thumbnail)  I also had him take two others out while he was here.  What goes in it’s place will probably not be installed until next year.   Notice all the rocks in the thumbnail?  Some of those were from when I first moved in.  I’m on an old river bank and when things grow, I’m appreciative.


3 thoughts on “Stump Grinder”

  1. He did a great job taking that out. We have an old crepe myrtle in our backyard that needs to be removed. Just think of all the things you can put in that space.

  2. Must have been noisy with that grinder chewing up the stump. But fun to watch. Now I wonder what will go in this spot.

  3. So does the part below the surface gradually rot and disintegrate? I was going to dig out the middle of a wide stump, fill with potting soil and plant flowers!

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