Museum Field Day

museum1.jpg Looking for something to do this weekend?  Well head on over to Sequim and check out the Museum and Arts Center Field Day.  On Sequim-Dungeness, across from the high school auditorium, you will find a sign (first thumbnail)  designating the future site of the Museum.  In the back of the lot is a large  building filled with delightful acqusitions.  It should be a fun day.  I’m hoping to attend.  How about you?  Here is a link to a recent news article, “Cleaning Out the Closet”,  about the upcoming field day.

museum2.jpg  museum3.jpg

One thought on “Museum Field Day”

  1. This sounds like my kind of day. Wish I lived closer. I would be there.
    Tomorrow family and hubby and I are going to the California State Fair. We haven’t been for years. Hope I can get a few good photos out of the day.

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