Today is Theme Day…

And I didn’t sign up….my only excuse is I’ve been waiting on pins and needles for the BIG paint job!  But you can visit the world and see just how others have interrupted the theme.  A good place to start is with my brother, Denton.

3 thoughts on “Today is Theme Day…”

  1. Sorry you didn’t sign up but these are lovely pins and I’m not sure what else I’m looking at actually – – something you use in your work, I’m sure. I had no idea you were Denton’s sister. How ’bout that then?

  2. Norma, your metal photo may be the most personal metal photo shared on theme day.

    Jilly, read Norma’s update on LavenderLady page and you will find that today’s photo shows a metal plate and screws which were surgically removed from a previous surgery to repair a fractured right humorous … Now that is commitment to a photo.

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