Going to the dogs…

dognotsheep.jpgI had an opportunity to drop by the Hurricane Ridge Kennel Club dog show last weekend.  The show was held on the Blake family property, next to Carrie Blake Park.  The dog pictured above was so unusual.  I wish I had caught the name.  Do any visitors know the name?  In the thumbnails, you have a close up of the dog running for the judge, two of the line up for the last “look see”, and an adorable photo of a unique way to keep a dog’s hair out of it’s eyes.

 runningforjudge.jpg gettingready.jpg  smileforthejudges.jpg  waiting-for-my-turn.jpg

6 thoughts on “Going to the dogs…”

  1. Ah, the one with the white “dreadlocks” is a Hungarian breed of herding dog: Komondor. Dog shows are so interesting, and the way the breeds have been shaped by man for various purposes just amazes me.

  2. A lovely Komondor indeed. So much work goes into this breed. When they are young their coat is not in these dreadlocks. The coat, as it grows, has to be carefully measured and twisted as it were. If there is too much hair, as the dog grows older, the dreadlocks can break – if too little, well they simply don’t work. As for a bath, it can take three days for the coat to dry.

    The Old English Sheepdog with the clip in its hair is typical of what people do nowadays to keep hair out of the eyes. It’s a very good idea for everyday but some judges don’t like it and then exhibitors ‘backcomb’ the hair in such a way to allow the dog to see when it’s moving.

    Lovely photos.

  3. Mercy what a coat this dog has and all the work that goes into its maintenance must be a nightmare for those who cannot afford someone to take care of the dog but must do it themselves.

  4. His hair is awesome! I think he’ll have a very hot time of it here in the Philippines—maybe that’s why I’ve never seen any like him here.

  5. Many thanks for replies by Elaine and Jilly for their information. I love dogs and have always had a family pet, but I don’t think that I would enjoy going through all the rigors of caring for this breed. The photo of the judges with the dog is a wonderful, typical scene at a dog show. Great photos, Norma.

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