It’s not orange paint

 Picking up where I left off on Thursday, as we left John Wayne Marina and flew over Discovery Bay, I noticed this orange color in the water.  My hosts told me they had heard about an algae bloom on T.V.  I missed the story, but the sight of it was very strange.  We then landed at the Port Townsend Airport and had breakfast at the Spruce Goose Cafe.  The food was excellent and the folks were friendly.    Tomorrow will be my last “in the air”.  Time to come back to earth.


3 thoughts on “It’s not orange paint”

  1. That’s some bright orange algae bloom. It seems strange that its just right at the shoreline.
    In the San Francisco Bay Area we would have a red tide at certain times of the year. The Algae would turn the water a subtle reddish tint. Nothing so strong and edgey as yours.

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