Picking Strawberries at Graymarsh

There are still a few left at Graymarsh, but they are coming to the end of their season.  Raspberries are coming on soon.  I love the old truck.  I think it might have been a milkman’s van.

 greymarsh2.jpg   graymarsh3.jpg 

4 thoughts on “Picking Strawberries at Graymarsh”

  1. That looks like fun. When I was very young my Grandma would take us to an apple orchard. We could take a hay ride and pick apples. I think its still there in Illinois and I can still remember the trips almost 40 years later.

  2. And, blueberries and blackberries too. Wish I was there to partake of them all like I was a year ago at this time!

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