Sunshine Herb and Lavender Farm

sunshine3.jpgI haven’t visited many of the lavender farms this year…like many of you, I’m staying close to home.  However, on the way back from Seattle today, I stopped in at Sunshine Herb  and Lavender Farm.   Despite a very cool spring, things are looking great.  All of the farms are doing some last minute sprucing up in anticipation of the 12 annual lavender festival, July 17-20th.  If you are in the area…stop by.  It’s a feast for the eye and the nose.

sunshine1.jpg  sunshine2.jpg  sunshine4.jpg

 I went back and looked at last year’s post…and sure enough I took some of the same pictures.  

4 thoughts on “Sunshine Herb and Lavender Farm”

  1. This is a simply gorgous garden. The Lavender Festival must be so interesting and fun to attend. I’m not sure if my nose could handle all that fragrance though.

  2. “Louis” has always enjoyed lavender – especially after having lived in France for a time.

    Lavender has been used in one way or another as a cleaning agent for so long that it shares its Latin root with our word ‘lavatory’, the French lavabo (wash basin), etc.

  3. Norma, this is the Farm right near our home. Carmen, the owner is a real gem. She will take a good amount of time to explain all her various potions & notions! Her Face Creams & Soaps are the BEST! (I know because I have sampled bars of soap from each farm in the area.) She uses an amount of lavender oil in each product that is Strong but not too strong…quality products. This year she has a nice array of Lavender plants out front for sale too!

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