The siding goes on

siding.jpg The siding went on the garden house this weekend.  My dear  neighbors, Shannon and Eli helped.  Shannon shared her husband, Eli, for the whole weekend with my grandson and  the work went much quicker.  Eli is a master carpenter, so it was a learning situation for my grandson too.  I am truly excited to have a special place to store my lawnmower, pots, bird seed, etc.  It makes me smile.  Thank you, Shannon and Eli!

3 thoughts on “The siding goes on”

  1. Glad to share him Norma, and this is a great shot of it! It really looks cute out there, you have such a nice yard and garden area.

  2. Hi Norma,

    I thought I’d drop by to tell you hello. I’m not blogging anymore but that didn’t stop me from thinking of you and wanting to see what you’re up to. It’s lovely that you’re getting the garden house you’ve been planning for. Hip hip hooray. And best to you, Annie

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