Bell Street Bakery

bell-street-bakery.jpgI was surprised and delighted to read in the Sequim Gazette that a bakery is coming to town.  I am also pleased to see they are using an existing building.  It’s an ideal location.  The story is interesting.  If you have time, give it a glance.  The flowers in the thumbnails were across the way in front of the yarn shop.�

flower-on-red.jpg  poppy.jpg

7 thoughts on “Bell Street Bakery”

  1. The Bakery is owned by Cedar Creek which is the #1 rated restaurant in Sequim so the food is going to be great.

  2. Happy to see that Sequim is getting a nice bakery. I have taken a look at it and it is in a great location. If they need help in the bakery..give me a call. I love to bake!!

  3. So excited about a good bakery coming to town…have to disagree about Cedar Creek being the best restaurant in town though! I’ve been quite dissapointed at the inconsistency with quality.. but then there isn’t a lot of competition!

  4. Get that website going!!! Want to know when you will be opening so we don’t miss it. Looking forward to lots of goodies, sweetrolls, donuts, cookies, cakes, breads – Yummy!!

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