scotch1.jpg As you drive Highway 101, you will see many fields and areas of yellow blooms.  When I lived in Redding, CA., we called it scotch broom.  It has a pretty bloom…see thumbnail, but for those who suffer from allergies, it can be a problem.  It also spreads….easily, and is considered a noxious species in Washington.


5 thoughts on “Scotchbroom”

  1. It is considered an invasive species in California also. However, I love it.
    Growing up in Europe in 50s my Grandfather did actually make brooms out of the branches. I guess it nostalgia for me. Thank you for the great photo.

  2. Yeah, I know people like the color, but they crowd away less aggressive native plants that evolved with the insects and animals here. They are completely out of control in Mendocino county, and could drive whole ecosystems to extinction. Best to enjoy them in Scotland.

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