June 10th Post Revisited

roof.jpg  I’m on my way home and it suddenly dawns on me I have no post for today!  I pull over as I round the corner on Dryke and admire the progress on the new building I mentioned in my June 10th post.   As you can see they are moving right along…and the guys are wondering “why is that lady taking our picture?”  Hopefully the next time I forget they will have more progress and I will once again be saved from missing a post.     I need to take a walk again and get some good pictures.  School will be out on Wednesday…maybe Thursday.

One thought on “June 10th Post Revisited”

  1. Thank you for posting pictures of our new building. We have had so much positive feedback from this project. It is nice to know that the community is excited about our expansion. We can not wait for it to be complete and to move in. Please come check it out once it is done. Thank you again!

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