New building

restaurant.jpg Just down the road is new construction.  The local restaurant supply house has decided to move out of Sequim proper and relocated almost halfway between Sequim and Port Angeles.  I was amazed that once they started framing, the walls went up in a hurry. restaurantsound.jpg  P.S.  Notice that sky.  While the rest of the country is experiencing it’s share of weird weather…we are right there too.  Summer has not arrived here.  I wore a sweatshirt most of the weekend.

6 thoughts on “New building”

  1. Having spoke with his lady friend,it sounds like it will be a awesome store,packed with a great selection for home products as well as commercial and look forward to opening day.Good Job Guys!My hat goes off to the builders as well who are moving along faster than I expected.

  2. They look to be in a hurry. We have two houses behind us that are still getting built and it has been two years already!

  3. I heard on the news that some places in Wash. had some snow. Now how weird is that? Our temps. were in the high 80’s but extreamely windy.
    This looks like a nice new business going up. You have lots of interesting places to share your money.

  4. Oh … the construction are normally using timber uh! and not concrete ….. was never aware of this ….. good updates …

  5. I think the weather has been extremely off everywhere.

    You can build concrete or wood buildings…just one is less expensive ….you still still need to meet all the county codes no matter which way you build it.

    They have a business in Sequim on east washington,but the property they are on is forsale, sooner or later they would need to move .

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