7 thoughts on “Fruitopia”

  1. Is it a bulb . . or have a smell? I am not familiar with the fruitopia, and why they would deter moles.

  2. I have never heard of this flower either. It looks like it belongs in the tulip family. I was going to ask the same things that Leonda asked, about fragrance and why they discourage moles. Very interesting.

  3. These look a lot like a Fritillaria I’ve seen in cooler climates than mine, but I’ve never seen the yellow before. The one called “Imperial” is orange, and has a garlicky smell. They are gorgeous and exotic looking, but don’t seem to grow well where I am. Thanks for posting that!

  4. Most unique and interesting looking. Was this in someone’s yard? I absolutely loved the rhody’s in yesterday’s post.

  5. When Elaine said they smell garlicky that would explain why they would deter moles, deer, etc. They wouldn’t grow in our hot, dry and windy climate either.

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