Jean’s Deli…again

I had an opportunity to have lunch at Jean’s Deli today with a dear friend…and had fun taking pictures.  Located on  Bell and Second street, the Deli is in the old St. Luke’s Episcopal church.  It was relocated to it’s current position in 1996 when gas was $1.29 a gallon.  (I know this because there are pictures inside showing the move.)  The food was excellent, the conversation great, and the atmosphere…well, heavenly.  (I know…that’s a stretch.)  But my attention kept being distracted by the photography on the wall.  I ask the waitress who the photographer was…her mother Barbara, one of the cooks.  Barbara has three cameras;  has her photos printed at Costco…they were great; and has a real eye for what to shoot.  All though I didn’t inquire about price,  I was sorely tempted on a couple of them.  If you are a local viewer and you haven’t been to Jean’s lately, I highly recommend a lunch in your immediate future.  The art show is great and the lemon lush is pretty darn good too!deli.jpgdelisign2.jpg  compass.jpgbarbara.jpg

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  1. Norma, you sure make me want to come and visit your area. I love all the little nooks and crannies you find and show us. Maybe someday when gas prices are less…did I hear a laugh and snort?

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