Second Story

 second-story.jpgNeed more room?  Want to add on?  What about a second story?  When this homeowner decided to add a second story, they jacked the first floor up, and are building on the bottom.  It has been fun driving by and watching the progress.  For the locals, it’s located on Old Olympic Highway, heading east,  as you round the curve on the right hand side.

4 thoughts on “Second Story”

  1. I love watching projects like this progress. My husband was a carpenter for many years and would explain techniques to me. Use of house jacks still makes me feel nervous until the new foundation and lower story are in place and all is connected. Lovely lighting in your shot, Norma!

    BTW, Bibi of A Yankee in Belgrade and Patrea of Pasadena DP and a new blogger from Iran who will be a student in Portland next fall all plan to visit Seattle in September. Last year I thought of inviting all the Pacific Northwest CDPB folks for a get together, so this may pose the perfect opportunity to do that. Would you be up for a picnic gathering in Seattle in September? Chuck of Almost One A Day and I have been throwing around ideas.
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  2. Interesting that they jacked up the first floor and are building from the bottom. Maybe the view, maybe. . . maybe.

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