New Landscaping

newlandscape.jpg On my walk I jogged over to Fir Street and happened to come across something that is happening a lot this time of year.   It’s time to spruce up and fix up.  You will find this new look at the corner of Fir and Seventh.  I think they did a nice job.   awelch.jpg    worker.jpg 

8 thoughts on “New Landscaping”

  1. Norma,
    It is great to have you back. What is the update on your shoulder? Hope it is okay and seems it must be. You have had lots of post from you walks.

  2. We’re sprucing up down here in Texas too…only difference is that the temperature is in the high 90’s instead of mid-50’s!

  3. I like it too. I’m always surprised at seeing how clean and well organized “things” are in your country. Here this “parterre” would already be damaged and full of dog sh…..

  4. Lovely pic Norma. Great color & composition. How we wish we have like these in this part of the world. Cheers.

  5. You jogged as in “moving feet up and down in motion” or jogged as in “took a detour?

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