The Wizard of Oz

dorothymunchkins.jpg Last Saturday some friends and I went to see The Wizard of Oz, Sequim High Schools 42nd annual operetta.  It was fantastic!  The witch, good fairy, and the blue monkey all flew through the air.  Munchkins all found their mark and were delightful…and the singing.  Wow!  If you are local, you have four more chances to make a performance.

all4.jpg   scarecrow.jpg  

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  1. Norma – Welcome Back! We’ve missed you and your wonderful pictures so much. I had been checking from time to time and posted a few notes, but only discovered yesterday that you had returned to your daily picture taking and posts. Hope you are fully recovered from your injury and subsequent surgeries. We long to be back in Sequim after spending 5 weeks in that glorious area last summer. And, we look forward to the day when we can move there as we felt an instant connection when we discovered it last summer. Take care and so very nice to have you back again sharing your wonderful photos each day.


  2. Kudos to the costume person! Everyone looks wonderfully dressed for their parts (and Todo too!). Great shot

  3. Great photo! We’re planning to go next Friday night. We know one of the “munchkins” in the play. I’m glad to hear that it’s going well, and I can’t wait to see it.


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  4. Hi. I just wanted to say thank you for taking these pictures of us on stage. i was the scarecrow in this production and Frankincence (spelling?) in the last years operetta. you really can capture the magic that we portray on stage in your pictures. again thank you for all of the great photos!

  5. HEY! i know him….:) yeah this play was really fun. i was a jitterbug and had a great time dancing my heart out. thanks a lot for having this page. i love it! its so nice to have our little town recognized. but the operettas are a lot of fun…really they are

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