The Arts and Crafts Fair

friends1.jpg Despite a nippy day, the arts and crafts fair was a great place to run in to old friends.    You could get your ears cleaned, buy a ticket on the Sunbonnet Sue Quilt Show Raffle Quilt, check out this year’s quilt show poster, designed once again by artist Carolyn Flint,  or come all dolled up.  Tomorrow I’ll have more photos for you to check out .

earcleaning.jpg   quilters.jpg  carolyn.jpg  dressed.jpg

9 thoughts on “The Arts and Crafts Fair”

  1. Well the ear cleaning is a new one for me at an arts and craft fair,,,how funny… Love the Pug all decked out in faux fur.
    Great pictures Norma.

  2. Wish I could had been there!
    Nice photo, what are the rules about photos with people?
    I’m such a chicken, but would love to post photos with people, they make
    the photos so much more real.

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