Beautiful Baskets

baskets.jpgThis time of year is very dangerous for me to visit nurseries…heck I can’t even visit Costco without walking out with something. (and we had snow last weekend)  This beautiful basket is at Sunny Farms Farm Store.  There you will find a multitude of healthy plants to choose.  You will also get good advice from the employees.  The lovely lady in the first thumbnail is Dana.  She can help you  choose plants to complement any area of your garden.  She will also listen patiently as you describe any gardening problem you might have.   

  dana.jpg  geraniums.jpg geranium2.jpg

5 thoughts on “Beautiful Baskets”

  1. I know what you mean…I’m itching to buy some flowering baskets for my Michigan yard, but have to wait till May 15th to be safe from the hard frost. What’s your cutoff date?

  2. Nice shots of the nursery baskets, Lavender Lady. No visit to Sequim is complete for us without a visit to Sunny Farms. Sure happy that the farmer’s market in PT begins this weekend, but we still need our regular trips to Sunny Farms and the spit.

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