Our Friend Eula


At Trinity United Methodist Church, friends of Eula Kirby gathered to remember her life.  A charter member of the Sunbonnet Sue Quilt Club, Eula’s Celebration of Life was a reminder of all those things she loved.  Eula was an organist and music filled the church, along with many of the beautiful quilts she made.  The family brought in a huge number of plants from a local nursery.  At the end of the service, those in attendance were ask to choose a plant  to take home and put in their garden as a living reminder of Eula each year.  It was a lovely tribute.�

6 thoughts on “Our Friend Eula”

  1. What a FABULOUS idea – I love that idea – the reversal of the usual flowers that are sent to the grieving family, to remind them of their love done, by dying. I am going to remember that and maybe have occasion to use that idea.
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  2. I’m so glad you are back. Just happened to check your site today. I’ve missed your photos and your blogs. Good luck on any future surgeries.

  3. I just found your website. Your photos are beautiful. I went through a number of them trying to get a feel for what Sequim is like. I am considering relocating there in the future and will be checking your daily photo regularly.

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