I’m Back

Due to an unfortunate accident, I’ve been on hiatus for much too long.  I can’t guarantee all the photos will be interesting or not crooked…but I’d like to give it a try again.  

For those who would like to know how the shoulder is progressing, there is a separate link. Thank you Denton for taking care of things in my absence.  

This a photo of one of my favorite plant stores.  On the corner of Sequim/Dungeness and Fir, you can find all kinds of wonder and unusual plants for your garden

7 thoughts on “I’m Back”

  1. WooHoo!! Welcome back! So glad you are feeling better and ready to bless us with more pictures. Looking forward to reconnecting with the Sequim area via your talent and generosity! Again, WooHoo!!!

  2. Hoorah! I’ve missed you, the person; you, the photographer, and you the visitor. I hope that your shoulder has healed well. You have lots of catching up to do!!

  3. Content de ton retour dans le monde des DP, j’espere que tout va bien pour toi.
    Content of your return to the world of DP, I hope that everything goes well for you.

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