Hanging out at the Pier – Repost

Although the pier itself is long gone, the pylons remain at the end of Three Crabs Road. The bay is not particularly deep, but when Dungeness was the county seat, the pier would see boats from Seattle arrive and transport produce, milk, and other local products to local Seattle citizens…or so I was told. Any local readers know the complete scoop?

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  1. Can’t here the word Dungeness without thinking of the one in Kent (UK). Never been there either but suspect there’s some long connection between the two — this is a lovely photo.

  2. I have a request! Next time wad out past the first three poles and then take a photo of the others showing as much water in the foreground as possible. Or does the sign say please don’t do what your brother ask? It might be dangerous.  (Denton says with a smile on his face.)

  3. It was meant for the birds in the long run, possibly? They look so good on top of the posts.

    So, are you and Denton siblings? Geepers!

  4. When I first lived in Sequim, 1989, the local newpaper was titled, “The Jimmy Come Lately.” It turns out when the ships from Seattle arrived at the docks in your picture here, there was an Indian fellow named Jimmmy who would meet them and gather, by word of mouth, the news from the city and points east; then he would share the news with the locals. People in Sequim were frequently heard to ask, “Has Jimmy Come Lately?” I was disturbed when, sometime in the nineties, the “powers that be” changed the name of the newspaper to the “Sequim Gazette” and another sliver of history disappeared.

    I found your blog this morning while wasting time on my laptop. Having lived in Sequim, I have fully enjoyed your blog. I used to live in Cactus, Texas, which is approximately half way between Dumas and Dalhart. I’ll bet we’ve met; I was once the principal at the high school in Sequim.

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