Three Crabs – Repost


If you google “Sequim”, “Three Crabs” will come up. It’s on the water with a view of the lighthouse. During the summer, tour buses stop there. Note the water in the parking lot…they either have very poor drainage, or it rained more than at my house.

8 thoughts on “Three Crabs – Repost”

  1. Greetings from rainy Finland! What i have seen on blogs, everywhere it seems to be
    unusual winter. And what will happen still because El Nino. hopefully not very bad.
    I looked, where Sequim is and found this page about your weather :

    they really promise a lot of sunshine!

    Have a sunny week anyway!

  2. It’s not even six a.m. yet and I’m hungry for crab after reading about the food served at this restaurant. Ah, the power of suggestion.

  3. les crabes, j’adore.
    je crois que je vivrais devant ce restaurant.

    the crabs, I love
    I believe that I would live in front of this restaurant.

  4. I love pre-picked crab meat or crab cakes. It’s way too messy to pick through a whole crab, unless it’s soft shell crab. 🙂

    Reminds me of what my old friend used to say: the only dignified way to eat fried chicken is at home — with your fingers.

  5. Norma, one of the gifts we got for our wedding was for there (funny gift for a Vegetarian!) so the only thing I can say is good there was corn and dessert, but Eli said the rest was good. Nice location too and the building is cute.

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