The Lake in my Neighborhood – Repost

During a break in the weather, I happened to be heading out of our subdivision and spotted what looked like it might be a pretty good picture. I think I will go back again in the spring and see if I can get something just a little brighter.


9 thoughts on “The Lake in my Neighborhood – Repost”

  1. on imagine bien cette maison, dans les bois , et on aimerait y etre, regarder la foret avec un bon feu de bois. tres belle photo.

    one imagines this house well, in wood, and one would like to be there, to look at the drill with a good wood fire. very beautiful photograph.

  2. It’s really quite lovely. Seeing it again in the spring will be a treat. One last blog before I fly away today on my vacation in Mexico!

  3. great picture, i was just wondering if there was any fish in that lake, i would think they might be pretty big by now

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