Popping up all over


Our Sequim Roosevelt Elk are famous, or infamous, depending on whether they have visited your yard. Symbols for the elk are popping up all over. This one is on the sign for a small strip mall on the west end of town, close to Wal-Mart.
The thumbnail shows a sign that is located in the downtown area, close to Seal Park.
elk of sequim.JPG

3 thoughts on “Popping up all over”

  1. vous avez des cerfs qui viennent dans votre centre commercial ? A cote d’Évry, il y a une grande foret, et nous avons aussi des biches et des cerfs ,mais ils ne viennent pas dans la ville, par contre nous avons des sangliers qui viennent détruire les poubelles.

    You have deer that come in your mall? A symbol of Evry, there is a large forest, and we also have deer and deer, but they do not come in the city, however we have wild boars who come to destroy the bins

  2. I love seeing the elk, however we don’t have them destroying anything of ours. If I was a farmer and had them eat my crop I would feel different. But to us a highlight is taking a drive and seeing the elk. They are unreal to see, so huge and majestic! Now Wild Boars would be unreal also!!

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