Seed Farm

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Last month I posted a photo of the seed-cone-picker at the Weyerhaeuser Seed Cone Farm in Sequim. I was shocked to drive by this last week and see one of the groves being cut down. I don’t know how long a seed cone tree lasts nor have I been able to find out why they were being cut down. I am sure there is a good business reason, but it made me sad.
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3 thoughts on “Seed Farm”

  1. To me, it is always sad to see trees cut down, but hopefully since this is Weyerhaeuser property they will be put to good use. I have seen some pretty old trees which still get cones on them, but perhaps they cannot harvest once the trees get too large? Maybe they will replant.

  2. With all the talk of global warming, we are still seeing “good business decisions” rule the day.

    Are you starting to feel as frightened as I am of what’s happening to Mother Earth?

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