New Kind of Tree

tacky tree.JPG

I started to title it “Tacky Tree” and then thought, perhaps someone has already bought this one… They play music. It reminds me of a tacky metal tree of my youth. Fortunately it didn’t stick around long, but as a collectors item, it might be worth a fortune.

7 thoughts on “New Kind of Tree”

  1. Oh the nostalgia of the sixties and seventies! Some should not be repeated such as these trees and platform shoes!!!

  2. Those aluminium trees of the 1950’s! They would revolve and you had a multicolored light that would shine on them! Those have come back into fashion. I like to stick with the “old-fashioned” plain green tree.

  3. I saw these in Costco yesterday and had the same reaction as you. I’ll take a regular tree anyday.
    I didn’t even think to take a picture of them. Guess I was too intent on completing my shopping list.

  4. You know, in my house it would look tacky and out of place, but I bet in a beautiful “barbie’s” house — full of pink, white, and shiny chrome — it could look quite spectacular. But I’d only want to visit it. 🙂

  5. Oh dear!!! My anti=spam word was sophisticated but sophisticated these ain’t!!!
    We get a lot of Christmas decorations from Asia and they can be unbelievably tacky too!!
    We should start a Christmas contest for the Worst Christmas Decoration!!!!

  6. oh we had one of those metal trees, with the revolving light wheel. they were tacky. I’ve seen these trees on display at Wally World..

  7. yesterday i went window shopping and saw that they have upside down trees!

    i was like. wah! what a different kind of tree.
    it does looks good you know. haha….

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