11 thoughts on “Waiting for the News”

  1. Old Mailboxes are sort of photogenic. It’s sad that in most of these new developments the mailbox is being replaced with those big “group” boxes. No personality at all!

  2. It’s with such anticipation and delight that I go to my own mailbox everyday. But mine stands alone unlike all these you show here. I imagine these boxes have lots to chat about after they each are stuffed full of the news.

    You asked how far the little bridge reached. That is just a little one that is probably 100 feet or less, reaches over an inlet. But there is a very long pedestrian bridge that spans the width of the river. I showed it in earlier posts.

  3. This is a nice post of the feel of community. Nice lines up shot and angle.
    Rural postboxes have that community feel that I missed in the city. I like the charm of our rural mailboxes, especially the individual ones.

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