Something Better

I promised you a better picture than my repost of yesterday…and it fell in to my lap…well, almost! I’m leaving a friend’s home in the subdivision, Sunland, this afternoon, and there it was! This deer was having lunch underneath a tree in a yard not half a block from my friend’s home. I stopped the car, rolled down the window and for awhile, it just watched me. I’m sure the home owner would prefer it not come back to lunch on her plants, but it was beautiful to watch as it meandered along.

12 thoughts on “Something Better”

  1. magnifique, bravo pour tes photos, c’est si beau. cela arrive souvent des visites comme celle là ?

    Magnificent, bravo for your photos, it’s so beautiful. This happens often visits like this?

  2. That’s a pretty good size deer. We use to have them in our yard at our other house. A mama and her babies thought our backyard was their nursery for a while.
    Excellent shots.

  3. I had to look twice to make myself believe this was a live deer, not one of those statues people put in their yard. What a fortuitous moment for you to have your camera in hand.

  4. Congratulations..what a wonderful picture..
    How many times have I missed a shot because my camera wasn’t handy.
    Well, the next time..We have quite a large deer population in our parks along Lake Ontario (Canada).
    Yes, they do come to the backyards and many neighbours are excited to see them.
    Have a nice weekend,
    cheers Gisela

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