The Shopping Season Starts Early

I had to stop by Costco last week and just happened to have my camera. This kind of thing has been out for at least 3 weeks. I heard on the news that with the decline in the housing market, retailers are worried about the up coming shopping season and that it is possible to already find Santa’s in shopping centers. Now that is way over the line.

13 thoughts on “The Shopping Season Starts Early”

  1. et oui, c’est déjà Noël qui montre son nez, cela va tellement vite. Il est superbe ce bonhomme de neige
    And yes, Christmas is already showing his nose, it goes so fast. It is this wonderful snowman

  2. I really hate to see this come again. It means one year older and to scores of American family it means another burden of debt on top of the burden last year, and the year before that. It seems like the idea of buying “stuff” never ends.

  3. The new Rite Aid store had a very large stock of Christmas things out. I agree, way too early. Maybe with a new store opening I can see it, but others have already started, as you pointed out.

  4. I was dismayed to see the wreaths & candles already up on one of the back streets in Sequim! This was 3 weeks ago!!!!My neighbor says it was because they had one of the holiday themed street fairs…but come on!!!! WAY too early and it drives me the other way…to not buy anything!

  5. So, let me get this straight…the retailers are worried because of the down-turn in the ecomony that the season will come up short….so ,the people have the same amount of money or lack there of…now or 3 weeks down the road….how will pushing the season get them any more income? I don’t get it…..much too early for me. We cut back a long time ago and the early decorations won’t change that for us.

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