5 thoughts on “Rite Aid Grand Opening”

  1. I see Christmas decorations in the window already. Am I ready? I don’t think so….nice to have a new store in town. I hope your Rite-Aid is run better than the one by our old house. That was a poor excuse for a store. Ok, I got that out of my system….

  2. We have a new Rite Aid opening in the next month or so too. We already have four chain pharmacies in the neighborhood so I’m not too excited about another one opening here. We need more diversity, like maybe a Barnes & Noble or a Bed Bath & Beyond.

    My neighborhood, which used to be a working class Irish enclave, has changed a lot in the two years since I moved here. We have a Starbucks opened up 18 months ago. We just had a big chain gym (NY Sports Club) opening here last month.

  3. I am one of those that need my pills. Went into the new store and found out it has an amazing amount of wares for the small size it is now–did that make sense? It is well laid out, even for someone like me who bumbles his way through a store. I received my Rx the fastest and most efficient I have ever received. It also has a drive up area to pick up your Rx. All-in-all a nice addition.

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