Olimpic Dairy Farm

Olimpic View.JPG

I didn’t misspell the word…I know it should be Olympic. I have no idea why this sign is spelled with an “I” instead of a “Y”. It hangs close to the corner of Old Olympic Highway and Cays Road. Do any of the locals have any ideas…or know the story? Goggling it gave me nothing. Hum, I guess I’ll have to stop and ask. Oh yes…and no wisecracks about this being a female cow and “Bessie” being a boy. I’ve decided to call him “Bob”.

Happy Halloween! Bundle up those kiddos and make sure they have flashlights. Moms and Dads…it would be great if you would go with your kids….and I love giving candy to those who remember to say “thank you”!

Come back tomorrow for a view of “blue”. It’s theme day on DCPB and I can’t wait to see what blue things you have all posted.

8 thoughts on “Olimpic Dairy Farm”

  1. voila une enseigne avec une histoire (d’halloween) alors je te souhaite un Happy Halloween

    This is a sign with a history (Halloween), then I wish you a Happy Halloween

  2. I wonder if the family name is Limpic and this is a play on that name and the location? Just a wild guess and I am curious now too.

    I have no children to walk with this evening so I’ll stand at my door and hand out candy to the little ones who come by. And to the big ones as well.

  3. That sign has so much character to it. I love the rust and grunge. Interesting choice of spelling. I would love to know the reasoning on it too.
    Have fun handing out candy tonight. This will be our first time in our new house. I have no idea how many we will have at our door. At least the weather is cooperating.

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