After the Rain II

after the rain sequim wa
I happened on this pretty rainbow Tuesday afternoon. 

I was tagged by Kim of Seattle and didn’t get the information on my page until late afternoon. If you want to know more about me than you might have gleaned from my profile and previous posts, (Is there anyone who doesn’t know I’m I’m crazy about my grandkids?) take a look at yesterday.

8 thoughts on “After the Rain II”

  1. The barn, the autumn leaves, the house, the rainbow – it is sooo what I imagine your part of the world would look like!!!!

    So glad you are getting a new cat. I just adore both of mine. Katie doesn’t like the lime-light but will post her soon.

  2. Beautiful rainbow and houses and barns. Great composition.
    I just read your 8 things and enjoyed learning a bit more about you. Thanks for sharing. I was tagged too and posted it on todays blog.

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