Early morning patrol

patrol sequim wa
Most days by the time the sun comes up, I’m in my classroom, setting out books, running an agenda, starting the coffee, doing the dreaded “paperwork”, but today was a field trip to the main campus and I stopped by the local Starbucks for some coffee. Look at the show the sky was putting on. It was only after I got home I spotted the bird in the sky. 

Whoops! Apparently I was “tagged” and neglected to follow through…O.K…. 8 things you might not know about me.

1. Despite the fact I go to work early, I am not really a morning person. My most productive time is probably in the evening.
2. I had a grandma who lived to be 106. (good genes)
3. I ALWAYS ring when I go through the metal detector at an airport (artificial hips and one knee)
4. My minor in college was history. I still have a passion for the subject.
5. One of my mottos is “have passport, will travel”.
6. I lived in Germany in the early 80’s. Were it not for my late husband saying we had to go home and be sensible, I’d still be there.
7. I love to play games…even ones I am not good at. I think it goes with my wanting to learn something new everyday.
8. I collect and wear antique jewelry. It all started with Grandma’s rhinestone pins.

Now…who to tag? If you have not been tagged…and would like to play…tomorrow is your day! Tell us 8 things about yourself that we might not know.

11 thoughts on “Early morning patrol”

  1. Yes, beautiful color . . . I also like the bird, is he flowing with the wind current, or on his way to the nest for breakfast?

  2. Beautiful sky! The bird looks like an eagle, though I can’t see if if has a white head and tail. They do soar with such majesty. Your sky was affected by the same storm ours was.

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