Discovery Trail Farm

Almost at the corner of Kitchen-Dick and Old Olympic Highway is a new development called Discovery Trail Farm. It offers eight 1 acre custom home sites, a private, paved taxiway to the Sequim Valley Airport, panoramic views of the Olympic Mountains, and is adjacent to the 150 mile Olympic Discovery Trail. All you need is bring your own airplane. The view is spectacular!

4 thoughts on “Discovery Trail Farm”

  1. With the downward turn in the real estate market its fascinating to see some places still building high end property. Are there that many people with private planes to buy an acre there?
    Its a rather cute barn office.

  2. Remember the area over by Graysmarsh, with the For Sale sections..quite a few of them, offering almost 1 acre plots? Almost all those For Sale Realtor signs are down now. They gave up after about 2 years. I guess they figure it doesn’t hurt to try!

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