Drivers Wanted

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I’m not sure why the Sequim School District is short of drivers. There was a story in the local papers, yet this sign is still up at the middle school. It is a part time job; a split shift; and a huge responsibility! I could come up with lots of reasons…not enough money to support a family…age of our population, but I wonder if the money has something to do with it. What do school bus drivers make in your area?

4 thoughts on “Drivers Wanted”

  1. A great amount of responsibility for a small paycheck. It coul be helpful for a supplimental income though. Some is better than nothing. I really don’t know what drivers get in this area. Good question, I’d like to know myself.

  2. In Danforth, Me, the pay is less than $10/hour. The job is combined with that of part time janitor. This job is coveted, because there are so few jobs in the area. It involves driving on dirt roads, long distances (upt of 40 miles) in remote areas and often bad weather.

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